This application is built for a USA based company Geoinovo. This application is used for drawing and generating statistics for different blocks in counties

Technology stack

Home page

Home page contains static information about the product and links to the available counties to work with. Whenever new county will be created, it will be added here.

County page

Once county is selected, user can either select Director District map or Community map to start drawing. User can also click on any card from public gallery to visualise previously saved maps.

Director District Map page

In this page user can do following activites :

  • Color panel : User can select color to draw on map
  • Lock already drawn : By checking this, Already drawn features won’t change
  • Show unassigned : This will highlight non colored data
  • Brush size : This will change the buffer value of drawing cursor
  • Polution Chart : This will be created based on total value of population and as user will start coloring more blocks, the bar of respected color will be filled
  • Data layer : User can toggle supporting layers using this tab
  • Population Evaluation : This contains the table showing values of different races (Latino,asian,etc.) for each drawn color
  • Save : User can save drawn map in the database which then can be accessed via homepage
  • Download : User can download colored geometry which later can be opened in GIS softwares like QGIS, ArcMap, etc.

Most of the functionalities in Community Map page are similar except instead of creating population chart user can assign different community names to diffeent colors, which later can be exported to open in other GIS softwares