Magnar is a 360 imagery company. This web GIS Application helps to visualise 360 images along with their location on map. These image scan be viewed as a walkthrough. User can also draw feature on map which further can be exported as geoJSON or shapefile.

Technology stack

Map page

Once user selects the location marker from homepage, Map page is genereated.This page contains all panaromic photos along with the map. user can move to another photo by either clicking on hotspot on the image or location marker on map.

Following are core features of the application

  • Panaromic walkthorugh : virtual tour is created using software Pano-360. Once the tour is created it is hosted on the server
  • Print : User can print the photo along with map to the side
  • Upload : User can upload vector data file on map
  • Draw : User can draw and style Point, Line, Polygon on map
  • Download : User can download drawn features as a vector file
  • Navigation : User can either pan in the image or use navigation bar to move