Satsense Solutions Limited (SSL) uses satellite Remote Sensing technology and Geospatial Analytics to develop business and governance solutions.

This map application allows clients of to access their project data interactively and create report based on it

Technology stack

Home page

Once user logs in with credentials provided to them, they will be able to see all projects assigned to them.

User can Search for specific project based on name, Description and Tags associated to it

Map page

Once the project is selected user will be redirected to the map page of the project with following Key functionalies

1. Layer List

here user can see all layers assigned to the particular project and User can

  • Rearrange the layer order using order picker
  • Toggle layer on/off using check slider
  • Change Opacity of the layer using Range
  • See the legend of the layer
  • Download the layer as Shapefile (if Vector) or .tiff (if Raster)
2.Base Map

User can select different basemaps from the list

3.Measurement Tab

Here user can select the Type of measurement they are interested in (Length / Area )

Admin page

Admin once logs in can add