Spatial Water Bill management system

This Open-source web GIS application is used by Water Bill Department for Rajasthan Government under Indira Gandhi Nahar pariyojana to maintain farmers’ data related to land ownership, location, crops harvested, etc., and generate water bills for each farmer based on crops.

Technology stack

Home page

The home page for admin and the public users will show different functions for logged-in users.Here are the following key functions of the homepage

  1. Toggle Murabba layer to see the layout of the farm data
  2. Toggle Switches
    1. Different HSM areas ( AOI)
    2. Selection of crops from list
    3. Toggle command area
  3. Farm information popup on click of land
  4. Farm search catalog based on
    • Farmer name
    • Farmer UID Number
    • Farm reports

Reports Page

This page is accessible to admin users to generate reports based on several categories

Map On Click function

When users click on the map, all areas belonging to the same owner will be highlighted on the map, and a popup will slide up showing entire information about the owner. As per the example shown in the image, users can see farmer details along with his/her current crop status.