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About Us

We belive Geospatial data can essientialy help every domain to optmise production and maximise profits

  • Using Location data to monitor supply chain
  • Using satellite data to analyse thousands of hectares of data
  • Using Mobile phones and other IOT devices to get real time data

We are a GIS company that focuses on leveraging the power of open source technology for geospatial data analysis and visualization. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we have been providing innovative solutions to our clients for several years.

Our story

There are many such agencies, Why Us ?

In the ever evolving world and ever increasing compitetion, clients always demand for better, quicker and cheaper outcomes and this it totally normal. We understand this and thus we work to find best ways to work on your projects

  • 01 Industry Experience

    Within a short span 4 years, we have been fortunate to work with various domains such as Electricity, Real Estate, Forest, Agriculture, Land use, Administrative Works,etc.

  • We sincerely believe in open source and thus apart from just creating solutions for client, we also actively contribute to several open source GIS projects such as Geoserver, Postgrest, leafmap, maplibre GL JS, PostGIS, etc.

  • Our commitment to a deliberate and steady growth strategy is exemplified by our practice of exclusively relying on our in-house team to execute every project. This approach is integral to our ability to maintain vigilant oversight over the quality of our deliverables.



Unlocking Possibilities, Delivering Excellence


Helping startups integrate geospatial arm in their solutions


Creating Web and mobile based applications using open source geospatial tools


Delivering corporate/educational training on open source development

Satellite Imagery AI

Generation AI models for satellite imagery utilisation

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