GeoServe – Your Geoserver Manager!

ProductsGeoServe – Your Geoserver Manager!

Simplifying Geoserver Management for your company!

You as a company can focus on your business, while we take care of your Geoserver

  • Take weekly backup of geoserver snapshot
  • Support ticket system access
  • Custom domain connection
  • Expert consultation

You can also buy add-on services

  • Priority support (within 3 hrs)
    • Provide analytics dashboard
    • Cluster support
    • Priority Expert consultation

There are many such agencies, Why Us ?​

Geoserver Enterprise

We possess extensive experience in the administration of Geoserver, catering to diverse use cases, including the visualization of large datasets comprising up to 500,000 data points, the management of government data portals, and the implementation of robust security measures to safeguard Geoserver installations for clients worldwide.

Open Source Philosophy

We sincerely believe in open source and thus apart from just creating solutions for client, we also actively contribute to several open source GIS projects such as Geoserver, Postgrest, leafmap, maplibre GL JS, PostGIS, etc.

Skilled team

Our commitment to a deliberate and steady growth strategy is exemplified by our practice of exclusively relying on our in-house team to execute every project. This approach is integral to our ability to maintain vigilant oversight over the quality of our deliverables.

Pricing Plans

pricing plans include weekly backup of server retained for 4 weeks.

Server locations 

🗺️  US East (New York) 🗺️  US East (Atlanta) 🗺️  US Central (Dallas) 🗺️ US Central (Chicago) 🗺️ US West (Los Angeles) 🗺️ US West (Seattle) 🗺️ Germany (Frankfurt) 🗺️ Netherlands (Amsterdam) 🗺️ England (London) 🗺️ Singapore (Singapore) 🗺️ Japan (Tokyo) 🗺️ Australia (Sydney) 🗺️ India (Mumbai)

Basic Plan

$100 / Month

Advance Plan

$140 / Month

Enterprise Plan

$170 / Month

Custom Plan

As per need

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