OpenDash – Open source dashboard for Imagery

ProductsOpenDash – Open source dashboard for Imagery

OpenDash is a ready-to-use white label solution which can allow any company to spin up their Geo Dashboard to present Imagery data to clients easily.

If you are in the business of Satellite/drone Imagery selling ..

We have a great product for you. We talked with various companies to understand the pain point of connecting with their clients about sharing the imagery and providing a solution to make analytics from it. This is exactly what OpenDash is meant to solve

Here are few key features of Product

Multi-tenant architecture

OpenDash provides multi-tenant architecture, which means one app can help you on board multiple clients and each clients then can have multiple imageries.

It also allows you to have multiple users as Super-admin which means multiple people from your team can also join the platform.

Robust Design​​

Customise application in various ways such as placement of navigation bar, setup colour schema, dynamic logo selection, etc.​

Multi Map Configuration

OpenDash supports data visualisation in following ways

  • Single Map ( Traditional )
  • Dual Map ( Swipe or Compare 2 Maps )
  • Quadra Map ( Compare 4 Maps at a time in sync )

Annotation Bar​

Allow clients to see and also add various annotations on map to create change detection. Users can draw Various Geometries such as Points, LineStrings, Polygons, Circles, etc. and add title and description to them.

Imagery Order Placement

Allow clients to send request for new imagery within platform.

While you as an admin can export the request made by clients with area in GeoJSON format.


Allow users to make measurements of Length, Area as per requirements

Apart from User features, there are also features which can be developed for Admin 

Admin Level Features

Admin can onboard new client from admin panel, which means creating new account that clients can use to access their imageries and other features of application.

Admin can check new orders placed by clients and can work on it and update it from back end so user can see it when they login

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Custom Development Provision

We can create custom features specific to your requirement 


Other Features

Admin capabilities

As an admin, you can on-board new clients and connect layers to the clients.


Users can measure Length, Area, Bearing, etc. on map

Custom Development

We can do custom development according to your requirement

Integration of Open source 3D

Integration of Cesium.js into the application to enable to visualise DTM and DSM data along with 3D Vector data

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